Refurbished NSX program

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Acura has been exploring the idea of a complete restoration program for the older NSX models, particularly the first-generation NSX, spanning from 1990 to 2007. This concept was discussed at one of their enthusiast meetings, contemplating the possibility of revamping these classic cars to certain specifications.

Expanding the Program
Initially implemented in Japan, where they have already been restoring these vehicles, Acura is now considering extending this program to the United States. The aim is to gauge the interest and demand for such a service among American NSX owners. The enthusiastic response from last fall’s exploratory research indicates a substantial appetite for this initiative.

Benefits of a Factory-Certified Restoration
The proposition of a factory-certified restoration program holds promise for NSX owners. By standardizing the restoration process, Acura aims to reduce the overall cost of restoring these vehicles. This approach ensures a more uniform and regulated pricing structure, making it a feasible option for enthusiasts without exorbitant expenses.

Prospective for NSX Owners
For current NSX owners or prospective buyers eyeing the first-generation models, this development brings exciting possibilities. Acura’s contemplation of restoring these cars to factory specifications offers the prospect of owning a classic vehicle with a brand-new feel, seamlessly blending modern standards with the charm of the original NSX chassis.

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