Your Next Car Might be The LAST Gas Car You Ever Own

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You know the next vehicle you buy could be the last gas-powered vehicle you ever own. On the other hand, the next vehicle you buy could be the last electric vehicle you ever own. What do we mean by that? Well, there’s a lot of pressure coming from various entities to switch everyone over from gasoline to electric vehicles. Whether or not you subscribe to that idea, there’s a big push for this shift. The question remains: Will it stick?

The Uncertainty of Electric Vehicle Dominance
It’s still unknown whether the logic or business model of electric vehicles will work in the long term. Is there enough infrastructure, charging capacity, and demand to sustain this shift? Manufacturers are already halting gasoline vehicle production, and dealers are being coerced into selling only electric vehicles. The pressure is extending beyond cars, even reaching into the aviation industry with plans for electric airplanes. But amidst this, will it truly work out?

The Impending Gasoline Vehicle Extinction
In three or four years, desirable gasoline vehicles might become scarce. Manufacturers are pledging to discontinue gasoline models, and the shift towards electric seems inevitable. The looming reality is that by 2028 or 2029, the market might be devoid of gasoline cars. The year 2030, where many talk of a ban on gasoline vehicles, isn’t as distant as it may seem.

Adapting to an Electric Future
Plan your life accordingly, considering the potential scarcity of gasoline vehicles. Your mode of travel, commute, and leisure activities might undergo a significant transformation. Refueling habits that are currently convenient might become time-consuming with electric vehicles. The availability and convenience of charging stations pose a challenge compared to ubiquitous gas stations.

Preparing for the shift
Consider the changes in your routines. Traveling, weekend trips, and leisurely drives may require additional time for charging stops. Investing in a plug-in charger at home, similar to your dryer or range circuit, could prove prudent. The cost of installing one might rise in the future, making early installation a worthwhile consideration.

The Future of EVs: Your Perspective?
Given these potential shifts, it’s essential to consider the future of electric vehicles. Will this trend sustain itself, or will it falter, leading us back to gasoline-powered cars? Share your thoughts below on the likelihood of this EV revolution or its potential reversal.

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