Most Common Car Title Problems Liens, Bill of Sale, Salvage

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One of the most frequently asked questions revolves around obtaining a title when armed only with a bill of sale. The DMV, the issuer of titles, typically demands more than just a bill of sale for this purpose. Most individuals reaching out for help have already discovered this hurdle, having found that a bill of sale alone isn’t sufficient for title acquisition.

Options for Title Recovery
To circumvent this roadblock, several strategies exist, such as securing a surety bond or utilizing another state’s processes, often Vermont’s, to acquire an ownership document akin to a title. While these options may not be the most straightforward, they’re frequently employed solutions. Our website delves deeper into these methods, providing comprehensive guidance for those seeking title recovery.

Resolving lien issues
Another prevalent inquiry concerns removing a lien from a title. Having a lien on a vehicle can impede title acquisition, requiring a documented statement from the lien holder confirming the lien’s resolution. Achieving this isn’t as daunting as it may seem, despite the potential challenges faced in contacting the lien holder. A step-by-step approach, including specific documentation sent via mail, can effectively resolve this issue in most cases.

Navigating Auction-Related Titles
For vehicles originating from salvage or auction scenarios like Copart or IAA, obtaining a title can be complex. These vehicles often carry designations like salvage or parts-only in their title records, making title acquisition a more intricate process. Repairing the vehicle to its full functionality and meeting inspection requirements might open the door to obtaining a new title, albeit still carrying the salvage designation. However, designations like “junk” or “parts only” render the vehicle unrepairable and unsellable, relegating it to being sold solely for parts.

Our aim is to assist individuals in navigating these complexities. We invite you to share your experiences, challenges, and successes in dealing with car title issues. Whether it’s DMV-related hurdles or successful resolution through specific processes like bonded titles or alternative state registrations, your insights and feedback can greatly benefit others encountering similar situations. Your comments and queries will help shape our future content to better aid the community dealing with car title challenges.

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