Can You Charge An EV In 1 Minute?

  • 1 min read

There’s a company in Europe making a bold claim: a new EV battery that recharges in about a minute. With past claims of fast-charging batteries, some successful and some not, this innovation could revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.

Overcoming charging hurdles
One of the primary reasons people resist buying electric vehicles is the lengthy charging time. Waiting for hours at remote charging stations poses inconveniences and safety risks. If this technology delivers, it could eliminate this major deterrent for consumers.

Wider Adoption and Accessibility
The success of these Swiss-made EV batteries at a reasonable cost could transform the perception and feasibility of electric cars. It could make EVs more affordable for manufacturers and more attractive to buyers, potentially leading to widespread adoption.

Bridging urban and rural gaps
Charging EVs in urban settings, especially for those living in apartments or without private parking, presents challenges. Similarly, rural areas often lack sufficient charging infrastructure. These rapid-recharge batteries could bridge these gaps, enabling ownership across various environments.

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