New Ways to Get a Lost Car Title in 2023

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What are the new ways to get a lost car title in 2023? If your vehicle title is missing, it’s not in your name, or I need to switch it over in one of the new ways that’s very common as a magistrate title. This is where you apply to the courthouse in your county, parish, or city where you live to have the judge declare you to be the owner of the vehicle by judgment. It may not be as expensive as you think. It may take a little bit of time, but if you filed that paperwork, it might cost $40 or $50. Have the judge or the court do some research. You might have to file a lawsuit. Things like putting them in the paper will give you that judgment of ownership, which you can then bring to the DMV for them to give you a title. 

It’s a new process that more courts are finding out about; you can contact the prior owner; the prior owner can get a duplicate title; transfer applications are much simpler for 2023; and more states are allowing a prior owner to not only get a duplicate but also transfer it to you at the same time, which saves a step and might make it easier for that person to agree to help you. 

Getting liens released will also be easier in 2023. On a vehicle title application, let her have no interest, which is acceptable in more states. Make sure you have all these items prepared first before you submit them because if they get rejected, you sometimes have to wait 30 days to find out, and then you have to start all over. So having all the instructions followed to the letter, remembering that this is a government agency, is very important. Of course, a Vermont registration transfer with a bill of sale only is a very common method for vehicles. And now you can do a 2008 or older vehicle because we’re in a new model year. They’ll go back to 2008 and older, and the last thing is for bonded titles. 

Some of the states have reduced fees for bonded titles. And the bonding agencies have a more streamlined process. So that may be something; it’s not a new method for 2023, but it might be a little easier for you to get a replacement vehicle title for one that’s missing or if the application is rejected.

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