Easiest States to get a Vehicle Title

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What are the easiest states for you to get a vehicle title? The car titles for 2019 start with Vermont, the most common state and the go-to for people with limited documentation. All you need is a bill of sale. If the vehicles are 15 years old or older, they’ll give you the registration title. You can convert a title in your state. 

Georgia will do the same thing, but you have to be a resident of Georgia.  Those two states have something in common, but if you’re not registered, a resident of Georgia who may not work will find that Florida has the fewest requirements for a vehicle. Transfers in some states require notaries and all kinds of documentation, but Florida has a lot of limited requirements. 

Many people will use the LLC process in Montana. Because Montana doesn’t charge sales tax, if you are between states or between residents, sometimes people will put a high-value vehicle in Montana. Be aware that many states are cracking down on that sales tax.  Avoid the scheme, which is really not a good thing to do if you’re a resident of California. Going to Montana just because it’s easy to save taxes results in a lot of penalties or fines, and sometimes even criminal charges down the road. 

The last state that’s really easy is Oregon. Oregon has very limited requirements for documentation to transfer your vehicle. So look into those dates and be sure you have the proper preparations to qualify for one of these states. If you don’t qualify, it’s not going to work. Even if it’s easy, you have to have the right documentation and make sure you’re not doing anything to avoid taxes or doing something illegal. But if you have a title problem and you’re looking to get good documentation of ownership for your car, those are the states with the easiest restrictions or requirements for getting a new car title.

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