How To Replace A Lost Title In Texas

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These are the instructions for getting every placement vehicle title for your car if you’re in the state of Texas. Texas has a very simple lost title form you can use. 

  1. You can download it from the Texas DMV, or the link is available on our website at It’s the best deal for a lost title in the country; it’s only $2 with this form. 
  2. You just fill out the form, which has to be notarized. You mail it to the Texas DMV, and they will mail you the legal title to your vehicle. 
  3. Texas is also a bonded title state, meaning that if for some reason you were not the last legal titled owner and you need to get a title, you can apply for a vehicle bond. 
  4. Texas also has a very easy court-ordered title system, meaning that if you have a lien on the vehicle that’s not clear or you have some prior owner that won’t sign off, you can go through the court-ordered process in order to get a legal title in your name. 

If you have more questions about getting a title for your vehicle in Texas, you can reach us at our website at

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