California Lost Vehicle Title

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So here are the instructions for getting a replacement vehicle title in the state of California. California is a true DMV state, which means their department of motor vehicles is not part of another entity within the state. They have a form that you can access online. You can find the link on our website at It’s a document that needs to be filled out by the current legal title owner. 

So it’s a true duplicate. You’re the title owner. You’ve lost your document. If you have moved and you want them to send the address and the title to a different address, you have to appear in person at a California DMV. You can’t do it by mail. If it’s the same address, you can do it by mail. 

It does need to be notarized. There’s a place at the bottom that requires notary verification of your signature. The reason why is that they don’t want to send the title, the legal document of your vehicle, to the wrong person. They want to make sure that you actually signed it. It’s for your protection. California is also an electronic-title state. It means that your vehicle may have had a prior electronic title. You didn’t have a paper title. 

The form will allow you to get a paper title if you need it for some other reason. So fill out the form. You can go in person to a DMV if you’d rather do it by mail, and you’re at the same address. If you were there when the title was issued, you can send it in, and pretty soon you’ll have this title document mailed to you at your address.

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