Vermont Title Loophole License Plates: What You Need To Know

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When you use the Vermont title loophole, the Vermont DMV will send you temporary Vermont license plates along with your registration. Most people ask us if these plates can be used on the vehicle before or in lieu of transferring the title to their state. Even though they’re registered to your vehicle and your name, do NOT put the temporary Vermont license plates on your car if you are not a Vermont resident.

Out-of-state plates are illegal after 30-90 days

If you move to another state, you’re required to transfer your license, license plates, and vehicle title to your new state. Typically this transfer process must be done within 30-90 days depending on your state before penalties can be imposed. After this time period, it’s illegal to drive around on plates that are not registered to the state where you primarily reside.

Why does this 30-90 day period impact using the temporary license plates on your vehicle?

Most people who use the Vermont title loophole don’t live in Vermont and have lived in their current state for more than 30-90 days. They can’t drive on out-of-state plates because, as long-time residents, they don’t qualify for that exception.

If you can’t use the license plates, what is the purpose of the Vermont title loophole?

The purpose of this process is to be used as a stepping stone toward registering your vehicle in the state of Vermont. The Vermont process is not designed to replace your state’s registration and license plates; it’s designed to provide valid evidence of ownership from a government agency to get a title for a vehicle that you own in your state.

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